CataList Quick Start Guide for Publishers

Welcome to BNC CataList. This Quick Start Guide will tell you how to get set up and use the system’s key features. Before you can get started with CataList, contact us at to set up a publisher account. If you have further questions after reading this guide, you can consult the full CataList Help Manual.

Watch our Quick Start Guide video for a detailed walk-through.

Log in to your account

When you receive your welcome email from the CataList system, use the link provided to set up your password. If you already have a SalesData account, you will be using the same email and password combination to access CataList.

Go to and log in with your email address and password. 

Set your personal account preferences

Click the gear icon in the navigation bar and select the Settings option. Go to the Personal Settings tab to set up your preferences:

  • Edit your name

  • Sign up for email notifications

  • Opt-in to the CataList Directory so other users can share notes with you. Find out more about how the directory works

Click Save to save your personal settings.

Manage your account users

Manage your CataList account users on the Administration tab in your Settings. If you do not see the Administration tab, contact us at to upgrade your access.

  1. Click Add a User to set up new users in your account.

  2. Click Edit to manage each user’s access and user type. For more information about user types, read about access levels in the CataList Help Manual.

  3. Click OK to save your changes.

Set up your publisher landing page

From your Settings page, go to the Publisher Page tab to edit your publisher landing page.

Enter your company information, including:

  • Company name and logo

  • Imprint (or client publisher) names and logos

  • Website links

  • Social media accounts

  • Contacts and business addresses

Preview your publisher page by clicking View Publisher Page at the top or bottom right.

Your publisher page is not visible to any CataList users outside of your own account until you fully publish your first catalogue to the CataList site.


Create a seasonal catalogue

  1. Click My Page in the navigation bar. This is the place where all your company and custom catalogues can be accessed and maintained.

  2. In the Catalogue Creation tab, click New Catalogue.

  3. Enter the name for your catalogue, and upload a cover image if available. The cover image can be added later if you don't have one ready now.

  4. Set imprint, month or season, and year properties.

  5. Enter the list of ISBNs you wish to include in your catalogue.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Review any error messages and click Save.

Your catalogue is created in draft status.

For more detailed information about seasonal catalogues, see Create and Edit a Seasonal Catalogue.

Edit a catalogue

Your catalogue remains in draft status until you’re ready to publish it to the CataList site.

Use the Copy or Delete icons to either add the title to a custom catalogue or delete it from this catalogue.

To edit a catalogue’s details, use the Edit tools in the catalogue’s toolbar.

Use the Edit Info option to:

  • Edit catalogue details

  • Add ISBNs

  • Add a catalogue cover image. 

  • Add front matter and end pages.

Use the Organize option to:

  • Remove titles

  • Mark featured titles

  • Sort titles into the desired order

Review your title detail pages


The title detail page is the most comprehensive view of a title’s bibliographic data on CataList. The bibliographic data is provided by publishers through BiblioShare. Learn more about how ONIX codes map into CataList.

  1. Click the publisher logo to go to their publisher page.

  2. Navigate to the Thumbnail, Scroll, or Grid views of the full catalogue.

  3. Enter text to find matches in the current catalogue. Click the desired match to go view its title detail page.

  4. Create a PDF of the page or email a link.

  5. Click to view the book cover, samples, and other supplemental content that were supplied by the publisher.

  6. Canadian contributors are marked with a maple leaf for easy identification. 

  7. Publishers can manually edit basic bibliographic details for their own titles.

  8. Bibliographic data details for the title. Any award nominations would display in the middle section as well. Click on the series or contributor name to start a site-wide search using that name.

  9. View stock availability details. When provided, it is available for titles with a publication date that is in the next 60 days.

  10. Add this title to a custom catalogue or request a reading copy. Certain forthcoming titles are also eligible for Loan Stars.

  11. Click through the tabs to read more detailed text information for the title.

  12. View other formats of the same work.

  13. View the reading level details.

  14. View sales rights details.

  15. View supply details, including carton quantities.

  16. View other catalogues that include this title.

  17. View the list of comparable titles and click on any linked ISBNs to get more details on that item. SalesData subscribers have access to additional sales information in the table.

  18. Publishers and sales agents may add public comps that are visible to all users. Retail and library users may add private comps for their personal reference.

  19. SalesData subscribers can run a report to see the sales history of the title and its comps.

  20. Click on any title or cover to see more information on related titles.

  21. Jot down notes for your own reference, share your notes with others, or view notes shared with you.

  22. If you are using the order functionality, click to start or select an order. Once opened, your current order details will be displayed in this location.

  23. Enter or edit order quantities, when working in an active order. Suggested order quantities display if you’re browsing a custom catalogue shared with you.

  24. Navigate page-by-page or jump to a specific title in the catalogue.

Adding and editing title information

If you update your ONIX file and upload it to BiblioShare, your changes will automatically be fed into CataList. However, you can add elements not provided in your ONIX file or make changes quickly through CataList when time is critical.

Only account managers can manually edit a title’s information on CataList.

To manually edit a title’s information:

  1. Click Edit this record on the title detail page.

  2. Find the section you wish to edit and click Edit.

  3. Make you changes and click Save & Lock.

Locked sections can only be edited manually. To allow for automatic updates from BiblioShare, you must unlock the sections. Locked fields can be easily identified on the Edit Title page by the yellow highlighting, or by running the 'Locked fields by title' report on the Reports tab of your settings.

Publish a catalogue

When your catalogue is ready to be released live, go to the Publish tab. 

If you have not purchased ISBN listing spaces for your account yet, you will be prompted to do so at this stage.  Click Purchase ISBN Listings and follow the prompts to purchase using a credit card.

Click Publish Now to publish your catalogue to the site.

Create a custom catalogue

Custom catalogues are viewable only by the recipients specified by the catalogue creator. Custom catalogues can be created using any ISBNs that have already been published in a seasonal catalogue. There is no additional cost to your company to create custom catalogues.

To create a custom catalogue:

  1. Click My Page in the navigation bar.

  2. Click New Custom Catalogue.

  3. Enter a name for your custom catalogue.

  4. Select starting catalogues from the list of seasonal catalogues.

    • Alternatively, you can enter a list of ISBNs to include in your catalogue by clicking Type or Upload. 

  5. Click Next.

  6. Review any error messages and click Next.

  7. Select your recipients:

    • Enter specific recipients using the directory, or

    • Make this catalogue accessible to everyone.

  8. Click Save.

Your custom catalogue remains in draft status until you’re ready to publish and send it.

Edit, publish, and send a custom catalogue

When you edit and publish your custom catalogue, you can choose to send the recipients an email when the custom catalogue is ready for their viewing.

  1. On My Page, go to the My Custom Catalogues tab and click the catalogue name to edit it.

  2. In the catalogue’s toolbar, use the edit tools to edit catalogue details, add ISBNs, mark featured titles, sort titles, and add or edit content until you’re happy with the catalogue.

  3. Click Edit Recipients to choose the individuals who will receive the catalogue. If you can't find the recipient you're looking for, they may have opted not to be included in the directory. You can still share a catalogue with them by adding them to a contact list.

  4. Click Publish & Send, then click Publish Now.

  5. Click Send Now to send an email notification to the recipients you added to the Edit Recipients tab.

More resources

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