Create and Edit a Seasonal Catalogue

Seasonal catalogues can be viewed by anyone who visits the CataList website. These catalogues will most frequently be a publisher's new seasonal or monthly catalogues, but backlist and annual catalogues can also be created.

Catalogue Editors and Account Managers in Publisher-type accounts are the only CataList users who can create, edit, or publish general catalogues.


Catalogue Status

Seasonal catalogues have four possible statuses that define who has access to view the catalogue, and where it displays on the system.

Draft: Catalogues are initially created in draft status. Seasonal catalogue in Draft can be seen only by user in the account that owns that catalogue, and is listed only in the catalogue table on My Page. In order to share the catalogue outside of your account you will need to publish your catalogue to the trade-only or fully publish it.

Trade-only: If you need to sell into accounts early, but aren't ready to let the whole world know about your forthcoming title list, you can release a catalogue to the book trade only. This means that only people logged into CataList as retailers, libraries, wholesalers or sales agents can see the catalogues and the titles contained within them. If you are using this limited release stage, you can also set a full publish date in the future when you want everyone to be able to access the catalogue. You can also bypass this step and fully publish a catalogue immediately.

Published: Catalogues in Published status can be viewed by anyone whether or not they are logged into CataList - retailers, libraries, media, bloggers and the general public can browse these titles and see them returned in search. Published catalogues are listed on the home page and your publisher page.

Archived: Older catalogues that don't need to be referenced as often can be sent to the archive. Archived catalogues are available for anyone to view, and active titles in archived catalogues return in search. The catalogues no longer display on the main publisher page, but can be accessed in a list by clicking on the Archived Catalogues link. Archived catalogues can also be hidden in user catalogue tables on My Page.

See the detailed steps below on creating and releasing your seasonal catalogues.

How to Create a Seasonal Catalogue

Catalogue Status

Edit a Seasonal Catalogue

Organize a catalogue

Publish a Seasonal Catalogue

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