Find samples and excerpts

When available, CataList displays auxiliary materials (such as reading copies, samples, and excerpts) that can be helpful when determining whether or not to order a title. This supplementary content can be found when viewing a catalogue’s scroll view or a specific title.

Publishers: View our publisher resources on how to supply supplemental content.


Supplemental content

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Buttons for the following content will display if the material is available.

Samples and excerpts

When provided by the publisher, the first few chapters of a book – or an entire section – are displayed in a PDF viewer that the user can click through, download, or read online. The content, if provided as images, is displayed in an image gallery.

Tables of contents

For further insight, the contents of the book will be revealed ahead of time. This is especially useful for academic books, as it reveals the scope of the book and how deeply it delves into any given topic.

Reading guides

Teacher guides and reading group guides help users evaluate whether or not books should be included in certain collections or schools.

Some supplemental content is visible to all CataList visitors, while other content is only available to users who have verified industry accounts. If you are working in the industry and require access to this content for your work, visit to request an account.

Reading copies

Publishers often produce print or digital copies of a book well before its publication date for review purposes. While these books may not always have the finishing touches in place (such as a finalized cover image), they are the finished book and are usually available to various reviewers or contest judges.

In CataList, users can request reading copies directly from publishers by clicking "Request an ARC" and filling out the form.

Users can also request digital copies through NetGalley. When NetGalley has digital reading copies available, CataList will show a "Request at NetGalley" button that will link directly to the title on NetGalley, where the request can be made.

Learn more about requesting reading copies on CataList.