Removing titles from CataList



Need to remove a title fully from CataList? The best practice for cancelled or postponed titles is to updated the publishing status and submit the new data to BiblioShare. This allows reps and buyers the chance to see the changed status and respond accordingly.

In rare cases you may want to remove a title from CataList entirely. For example, you may have listed a title that you've since discovered you don't hold the Canadian rights for. In this case, contact the CataList team, and we can flag your title as removed.

You can take the titles out of your seasonal catalogues as well, but any reps who have included the title in custom catalogues, or retailers who have added it to catalogues or orders will be able to see the title has been removed. No cover image or bibliographic data is displayed on these titles, and they do not return in search.

Submitting a new ONIX record, or adding the ISBN to a new catalogue will not make the title available again in CataList. If you need to reinstate a removed title, contact the CataList team with your reinstatement request.