Find catalogues

There are two types of catalogues in CataList: seasonal and custom catalogues. Seasonal catalogues are available to everyone, and custom catalogues can be made available to anyone who has the link or can be limited to allow access only to specific people. 

Seasonal Catalogues

Seasonal catalogues are public-facing catalogues that are viewable by anyone who visits the CataList website. Publishers load ISBNs into the CataList system in these catalogues, which can include backlist, monthly, and annual timeframes, as well as the standard seasons.  Once an ISBN is loaded into CataList, it can be used in additional seasonal and custom catalogues at no additional cost to the publisher. For information on building seasonal catalogues, see the Create and Edit Seasonal Catalogues section.

CataList users can find seasonal catalogues on the home page, in the catalogue list, on any publisher's page, or in search results. 

Click any image to view at full size.

Home page carousels

The most recently published seasonal catalogues are displayed on the CataList home page under the Newest Catalogues header. Use the carousel arrows to scroll through the list.

Click on any catalogue name or cover image to view the contents of the catalogue. 

View all catalogues

At the bottom of the home page, click View all latest catalogues to browse a list of all publisher catalogues.

Sort the list by ascending or descending by clicking on any column header. Use the dropdowns to filter results in the table by publisher, season, or year.

Click on a catalogue name to view the contents of the catalogue.

Publisher pages

All publishers using CataList have their own Publisher Page where all of their catalogues are posted. Publisher Pages can be accessed from the Publishers section of the CataList Home page, or by clicking on a publisher's logo when viewing titles.

Use the dropdown menu or links to limit the list of catalogues displayed.

Search results

When returning matches on search terms, the CataList search results page links the most recent seasonal catalogue in the title details. Click the link to see the full catalogue.

Custom Catalogues

Custom catalogues can only contain ISBNs that have already been uploaded to CataList through a seasonal catalogue and are only viewable by the recipients of that catalogue. Check our Create and Edit Custom Catalogue section for more information on building custom catalogues.

Custom catalogues can be accessed in different ways, depending on how the catalogue creator has shared the catalogue with you.

Custom Catalogues tab

A list of all the custom catalogues you have created can be found in the Custom Catalogues tab on My Page. This tab will also display your account’s collaborative custom catalogues. Learn more about collaborative custom catalogues.

Received Catalogues tab

A list of custom catalogues that have been sent to you can be found in the Received Catalogues tab on My Page. 

For retailer, media and library-type accounts, this is the default display tab on your My Page view.

Publisher pages

Custom catalogues, particularly themed catalogues or groups of titles that appeal to broader groups or buyers, can also be posted by publishers directly to their Publisher Page. These catalogues are posted on the right sidebar of the Publisher Page.