Reading copy requests

CataList allows publishers to enable a reading copy request feature which will allow publishers to optionally enable retailers, librarians, media or other account types to request advance reading copies of their forthcoming titles.

CataList’s role is to enable the conversation between readers and reps through use of a request form triggered through title or catalogue views, based on permissions set by the publisher.

Set up reading copy request permissions

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Account Managers in publisher accounts can opt into the reading copy request tool on their Company Settings page. By default the allow reading copy request tool is set to No.

Changing the selection to Yes opens the settings for limiting the request form display. Reading copy requests can be set to be triggered only on titles in specific categories, and only for different segments of the CataList viewership: libraries, retailers, etc.  Different contacts for each segment may be provided based on the account type of the requester. 

Emails will be sent to the specified contacts once a request has been made. Account Managers have the option to have a weekly report sent as well if the weekly summary box is selected. This report consists of all requests made in the prior week delivered as a filterable spreadsheet.

How to request a reading copy


In order to make a request, you must be logged into CataList and the publisher must have enabled requests for your account type. The title must have a publication date in the future and be included in a top-level category also enabled by the publisher.

If all of these conditions are met, you will see a Read Me button on catalogue and title detail pages in CataList.

Click the Read Me button to open the list of available options for reading this particular title, including the link to NetGalley if e-galleys are currently available through their service. Titles in NetGalley always display the Read Me button, regardless of whether or not the publisher has enabled the direct request option. However if the publisher has enabled direct reading copy requests the option to request from publisher will also display.

More information on how NetGalley works with CataList.


Click the Request from Publisher option to open the form where you can supply your contact information and other details such as preferred reading format. The system remembers the address and job title information that you enter to minimize effort on future requests, and an optional text box allows you to supply additional supporting information to persuade a publisher to send out an advance reading copy.

The form clarifies that provision of reading copies is based on availability and is at the discretion of the publisher.


Submitting the request generates an email to the publisher-provided contact, with a CC to the requester.

If reading copies are available, the publisher can then supply a reading copy or communicate availability details to the requester directly. 


If you attempt to re-request the same title, CataList will advise that the title was previously requested, and will provide the date and contact information from the original request.

How NetGalley integrates with CataList


NetGalley supplies a daily file to CataList which lists all currently available galleys on their service. Where a title in available in both CataList and NetGalley, a link to the NetGalley request page is automatically added in the Read Me options on CataList. Clicking the link will direct you to the title request page at NetGalley, where you will be prompted to log in to complete your galley request. If you don't have a NetGalley account, you can register for one (for free!) and complete your request immediately. For more information on the NetGalley approval process, available formats for e-galleys and support, please refer to the NetGalley website.

Publishers: If you already have a relationship with NetGalley, maintenance of galley availability in CataList is taken care of automatically. When you archive titles or add new titles to NetGalley, those changes will flow through to CataList the next day.

The request process continues to be handled by NetGalley. Publishers retain control over the approval process, and NetGalley serves up the files and supports users in the current manner.

If you are not a current NetGalley subscriber, but are interested in subscribing, we have exciting news for you too!  CataList publishers are eligible for an introductory special discount on NetGalley's monthly subscription rates. For more information on the discount program, please email us a NetGalley discount pricing request and we will send you all the details.