Personal Settings

Personal Settings is where you can control your BNC account information, email preferences, and data notification settings.

Access the Personal Settings tab

To access your personal settings, go to your Company Settings by clicking the gears icon, then click the Personal Settings tab.

Edit your name

In the first section, you can edit the way your name displays in CataList.

If you wish to change your password, sign out and click the Forgot Password link on the login page.

Resetting your password on CataList will reset it for other BNC products you may have access to, including SalesData.

Email, notification, and sharing options

Email options

In the Email options, you can subscribe to receive various emails that CataList sends out to its users.

Notification options

The Notification options control which change notifications you will receive in the Alerts & Updates section of My Page. Select the type of change notifications you'd like to see, choosing from the following:

  • Drop-in  (receive a notification when a new title is added to a published catalogue)

  • List Price

  • Publication Date

  • Subtitle

  • Title

You can optionally receive a weekly email with a summary of all the changes you've opted in for, by selecting the Weekly Data Changes checkbox under Email options.

Sharing options

Choosing to be part of the CataList directory makes it easier to communicate with other people in the book trade.

  • Retailers, librarians, and wholesalers — Opt into the directory if you would like to be able to receive notes and custom catalogues from publisher reps.

  • Publisher sales reps — Opt into the directory if you would like retailers or libraries to be able to submit orders to you through the system.

In all cases, only your name and company affiliation will be visible to other CataList users. Email addresses and other contact information are not shared, as in the following example: