Administration - Library and Retailer accounts

The Administration page allows Account Managers to view and maintain the details of their company's account. Basic Users in your account do not have access to view or edit these elements.

Billing and shipping addresses

If you choose to save billing and shipping addresses in your Administration settings, they will be used as the default addresses in new orders that you create on CataList. See more about ordering titles.

Store/Branch locations

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If you are a retailer, you will see the designation "Store" on this page. If you are a library, you will see the term "Branch" used.

Each account is automatically assigned a default store or branch with the same name as your account name. Account Managers can add additional stores or make edits to existing stores. Libraries can add branches or selector names in place of stores.

  • To add a location, click Add a Store. Enter the store information and click Save.

Edit location details

To edit any information that displays in the location table, click the Edit button in the table row of the location you want to change. The system displays a form with the chosen location’s details.

If you want to remove the shipping address for a location, erase the information under the Shipping Address section and click Save.

Authorizing buyers for specific locations

By default, all registered users in retailer and library accounts have access to add or edit purchase quantities for all locations. Account Managers may wish to limit access to purchasing functions in CataList to only certain designated people inside their account, or to further limit some account users to have access to enter purchase quantities only for particular stores or branches.

To edit authorized buyers:

  1. In the location’s Edit pop-up, click Specific Buyers.

  2. Type in the name of the account user you would like to authorize for this location. CataList provides a list of possible matches.

  3. Select the buyer’s name and click Add.

  4. Add all the necessary buyers for this location and click Save.

The pop-up closes and the authorized buyers are added.

If a user's purchasing access has been limited to specific locations, this affects the display of order boxes in title and catalogue views – they will only see the order entry boxes for locations they have the ability to purchase for.

Each retail or library account may load a company logo to CataList. The company logo will be displayed on any custom catalogues created by your account. For example, if you create a custom catalogue with the major titles for the upcoming season and share it with your staff, your store logo will be displayed on the Thumbnail View page of the catalogue. The publisher logo will continue to display on the individual Title Detail pages.

To add a company logo:

  1. Click Browse for a logo and choose a file from your computer. Please select a jpeg file, no more than 300 pixels on the longest side.

  2. Click Save. Your logo displays on the page when it is successfully loaded.

User List

Account Managers can view and maintain the users in their company account. Access to BNC CataList can be added, edited, or removed for existing users in the account, and new users can be added. The user list also displays any access users in the account have to other BNC products, such as BNC SalesData.

To edit access for an existing user:

  1. Click Edit in the table row for the user you want to edit. The CataList details will become active for editing.

  2. To manage access to CataList, select or deselect the checkbox in the CataList Access column

  3. To manage access levels, choose an access level from the drop-down menu in the CataList User Type column.

  4. Click Save. The changes are saved and the table reverts back to the display view.

To add a new user to your account:

  1. Click Add a User below the User List table. A dialogue box will prompt you to enter the new user's first and last name, email address and the access level you wish to set for the user.

  2. Enter the new user's information and click Save.

The user will then be sent an invitation email from CataList. The new user will need to click on the link in the invitation email in order to activate their account.