Close or submit an order

When you are finished with an order, you could close it or submit it to your sales rep on CataList.

Close an order

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Closing an order removes it from the list of options presented to you when you switch between orders. It does not send the order to your sales rep.

To close an order:

  • Click Close in the Action column on the My Orders page, or

  • Click Close Order from the order details page.

Once an order is closed, the information in the order cannot be edited, and the title’s price will not be updated. Orders can be reopened by clicking Reopen on the order details page or in the Action column on the My Orders page.

Submit an order

Buyers have the additional option to submit an order. If your sales rep has a CataList account and is opted in to the directory, you can share with them the order you created on CataList. Submitting an order closes it automatically.

To submit an order:

  • Click Submit Order and type in your sales rep’s name. CataList provides a list of possible matches.

Submitted orders, unlike Closed orders, cannot be reopened for editing. Ensure that all of the information is correct before submitting the order.

Depending on your sales rep, they might export the order you submitted to them and send it to the distributor for you, or you will need to send it to the distributor yourself. Please confirm with your sales rep the workflow you should follow to ensure your order is received by distributors.

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