View orders

After you have created your orders, you can view them on the My Orders page and edit the order details by clicking on the linked order name wherever it appears on the site.

View all orders

Click an image to view at full size.

To view a list of all your orders, click My Orders on the global navigation bar.


If you're a buyer, you have a number of views to help filter the orders that display on your orders page:

  • Orders you have created

  • Orders created by other users in your CataList account


Sales reps

If you're a sales rep, your orders page will display:

  • Orders that buyers have submitted to you

  • Orders that you have created on behalf of your buyers

A notification icon next to the My Orders link indicates that you have received new orders. New orders that you have not opened or exported yet will be bolded.

Both buyers and sales reps may choose to hide Closed orders on the page.

View order details


To view the contents of any order, click on the linked order name anywhere you see it displayed on the site.

Orders can have an Open or Closed status:

  • Open — Order quantities and order details can be edited.

  • Closed — Edits cannot be made. If you need to make a change to a Closed order, reopen the order.

  • Closed and Submitted to rep — Edits cannot be made, and the order cannot be reopened.

When you view the order details, you can do the following:

  • Edit the order details

  • Add titles to the order by ISBN

  • Add notes specific to an ISBN in the order

  • Close, export, or submit the order

See Edit order details and quantities for more information.

Authorized buyer access

As a buyer, you can see the orders created by other users in the account but you may not view or edit the order quantity for any stores where you are not an authorized buyer. Learn more about authorized buyers.

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