Export an order

Orders can be exported from CataList in a number of different formats, such as Excel, CSV, MARC, or PDF.

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To export an order:

  • Click Export in the Action column on the My Orders page, or

  • Click Export Order from the order details page.

Excel and CSV order exports

Order details can be exported to Excel or CSV files and saved to your computer. You can then email the files if needed or import them into your own systems for placement to your vendors. Orders in either Open or Closed status can be exported from CataList.

MARC order exports

Library accounts will see an additional option in the export menu: MARC. Library account users can export a MARC bibliographic stub record for all ISBNs contained in any order or any catalogue. The MARC stub record data is provided by BiblioShare – if you need a more complete bibliographic data record supplied for new titles, contact the BiblioShare team for more information about other MARC record generation services.

PDF order exports

Order details for single-location orders can be exported as a PDF. This type of export is available for all account types that have access to ordering features. Learn more about order PDF files.

WordStock export

If you’ve integrated CataList with WordStock, you could export your order and import it into WordStock. Learn more about CataList’s WordStock integration.

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