Who is this book's distributor?

When you create an order on CataList, it must include titles from only one distributor unless you’re ordering from a wholesaler that sells products from many different distributors (usually at a higher cost per item). If you’re not ordering from a wholesaler but would like to order titles from multiple distributors, your orders need to be separated by distributor so that you can send each order to the right contact.

Use the following guide to locate distributor information on CataList. Most of the supply detail can only be viewed when you're logged in. If you plan to use CataList’s ordering features, request an account at bnccatalist.ca.

Title detail page

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There are two sections on a title’s detail page that display information about its supplier.

Supply Detail

The Supply Detail section confirms the product status and current distributor.


Stock Availability

The Stock Availability section has the most up-to-date information on the current stock situation.

You may see that a distributor has stock on hand, but they haven't provided us with a discount code. In that case, look at your account contract with the distributor to determine the discount you'd be eligible for.

If you're ordering from Raincoast, the discount code "BX" indicates this is stocked by their wholesale division, BookExpress (which may have stock when the primary distributor is out, but you'll get a lower discount).

Stock Availability displays when the title’s publication date is within the next two months or when the publication date has passed. You must be logged in to view Stock Availability.


Catalogue views

Grid view

When browsing a catalogue in grid view, you can sort the titles by the Canadian Supplier column. If the column isn’t visible, you can customize your columns to display it in the grid.

Only logged in users can customize grid columns.

Search results

After running a search, you can find, filter, and sort your results by the distributor.

Refine search

Scroll view

Grid view

In the left sidebar of the search page, use the Canadian Distributor selections to refine your search results.

When you view your search results in scroll view, the distributor information displays as a row for each title, if available.

Similar to catalogue grid views, when you view your search results in the grid, you can customize your columns to display the Canadian Supplier column, and then sort your search results by clicking the column header.

Only logged in users can customize grid columns.


Advanced search

In addition to sorting and refining your search results to specific distributors, you could also use the Canadian Distributor parameter in the advanced search to look for a specific distributor’s titles. When you’re working with a sales rep or a company and you know the distributor’s name, this is the best way to browse for that distributor’s full title list across catalogues and seasons.

Order detail page

Like catalogue and search grid views, you can find the Distributor column in the table of an order detail page. You can use this to confirm that all the titles in your order are supplied by your distributor.

If you find any that are out of place, you can easily remove the title from your order by clearing its order quantity amount.

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