Customizing the grid view at the user level

CataList allows individual users to customize which columns display in catalogue and search results grid views. These customized columns are also available when you export Excel or CSV files.

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Customize your catalogue grid view


By default, when you view a catalogue or your search results using the grid view, you see the columns set at the account level. If you aren’t logged in, you will see a basic column selection. To customize the grid view at the user level, you must be logged in to your account.

  1. In the grid view, click Customize Columns.

  2. In the Customize Columns modal, select My custom columns.

  3. Select and deselect the columns of your choosing.

  4. Click Save to save the selections, or

    • Click Cancel to close the modal without making any changes.

    • Click Reset to reset the selections to the last saved settings.

The grid view is updated to display the columns you selected.

Learn more about customizing your search results grid view.

Suggested Order and Order Qty columns

The Suggested Order (Sugg. Order) column is available when you are viewing a custom catalogue. You can edit this field if you are the creator of the custom catalogue.

Order Qty columns are available when you have started an order.



Reorder your custom columns

If you have chosen to use customized columns, you can move the columns into your preferred order by dragging the column headers. The vertical bar indicates where the column will be placed.

To ensure the column is moved successfully, keep your cursor within the area of the column headers.


Export your custom columns

When you export to Excel or CSV, CataList offers you the option to use either the account columns or your custom columns. Custom columns are available when you export catalogue lists, search results, and orders.

  1. Click Export.

  2. Choose from the drop-down menu which set of columns you want your file to include.

  3. Click the export format you want to use.

Your download begins automatically.

Customize the search results grid view

Your custom columns for the search results grid view can be different from the ones you selected for your catalogue grid views. When viewing search results, you will also have a smaller set of available columns you can select from, compared to the catalogue grid views. For example, the columns in the Order Management section aren’t available in the search results grid view.

If you want to use the Order Management columns for your search results, you have two options:

  • Click on an ISBN to view the title detail page, where order capability exists, or

  • Add the search results to a catalogue, where you can access the catalogue grid view. To do this, select the titles you want to add and click Add To Catalogue.