WordStock Integration

CataList integrates directly with the WordStock point of sale system to allow easy entry of new catalogue items and orders into your WordStock database. watch our integration webinar, or scroll below for step-by-step instructions.

Request CataList module installation in WordStock

The first step is to let WordStock know you want to install the CataList order import feature. They will install the module for your account and let you know when you can begin importing orders and catalogue records from CataList.

Enable WordStock features in CataList

Next you'll want to turn on the WordStock features for your store. You must have Account Manager access in order to enable this feature in CataList - let us know if you need your access upgraded or help getting set up!

The WordStock feature can be enabled in the Settings section. Log into CataList, and click on the gears icon at top right of the page to access your settings.

On the main tab of the Settings page you will see a section where point of sale system details can be set.

Click on the drop-down list and select WordStock:

Once you have selected WordStock as your point of sale system, CataList will prompt you to enter any additional data points needed to create the files that WordStock can import. This ensures CataList has your WordStock store numbers for multi-location accounts and an FTP location where WordStock can pick up your CataList order files.

Add store numbers

If you have more than one store location, CataList needs to know the way you identify your stores in WordStock in order to match up order quantities to the correct store in the exported files. Adding a store ID to an existing location is simple - in the store list just above the POS selection, you'll see an Edit button for each store in the Action column. Click the Edit button to edit the details for that store.

A Store Details dialogue box will open. In this box you can edit any information about a store, including setting an ID number.

Click Save to save your changes.

Set up an FTP folder

Wordstock will pick up your order files from a directory on the CataList FTP. When you export a file, CataList automatically posts the export to the FTP directory you set up using the following process.

To set up a directory on the CataList FTP site, click the "Start set-up" link. A dialogue will open which displays the new directory name (up to 20 characters from name of your account, without any spaces or special characters), and a prompt to set up a password for access.

Enter a password that is at least 8 characters in length, then re-enter the password in the second box to confirm it. Click Save to create the FTP directory.

CataList will provide a confirmation message letting you know that your directory set-up was successful.

You will need to enter your FTP credentials in WordStock, so that WordStock can pick up files from CataList for import.

To set up the FTP in WordStock, in the Vendor Import menu, choose CataList and then select the Modify CataList FTP setup option.

Please enter the default WordStock password to modify CataList FTP setup.

Enter the CataList FTP username in the Login ID space, and the password you set in the previous step in CataList into the Password space.

Enter custom WordStock data points

Once the WordStock export option is set up, you'll be able to start adding custom title-level data that will be pulled into your WordStock exports.

On the Title Detail page, your see a new accordion box you can open and close where custom data can be entered for the following data points:

  • Product #
  • Section 1
  • Section 2
  • Publisher #
  • Lookup
  • Comments

Export orders

From the table on the My Orders page or the order summary on the View Order page, click Export.

You will see a new option to export to WordStock in the list of exporting options.

Select the WordStock option to produce a file that WordStock can import.

A dialogue box will open, prompting you to fill in the additional fields that WordStock needs to import your order, like the discount amount on the order, the publisher number and a purchase order number if you haven't already supplied one.

You can optionally set your order to close automatically after export. You can also tag your sales rep on the order as well, and make it available for them to view directly in CataList.

Click Export to apply these data elements to your order and create the file for WordStock to pick up.

CataList will confirm that your export has been created, and the name of the file that was posted to your folder on the CataList FTP. On My Order page, you will see the export date for that order.

If for any reason you are checking or troubleshooting export files on the FTP, you can identify files by their naming convention as follows:


example: CATL_8888888_170623095428.txt

Import your order files to WordStock

The last step is to trigger file pick-up from the WordStock side.  

Log into WordStock. In the Vendor Import menu, choose CataList and then select the Retrieve CataList data option.

Answer "y" to connect to CataList and download files.  If there are no files available, you'll see "No CataList files available for collection".  If there are files available, they will download and process.  You'll be prompted to view/print a log of actions upon completion.