Export Orders to PDF

If you are looking for information about exporting catalogues to PDF, see Export Catalogues to PDF.

CataList allows you to export orders to PDF if the order is for a single location. The PDF includes information that is on the order detail page, plus a barcode for each ISBN.

Export orders to PDF

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Export an order from the My Orders page
Export an order from the order detail page

There are two places in CataList where you can export an order to a PDF:

  • Go to the My Orders page and click Export in the Actions column; or

  • From the My Orders page, open the order details and click Export Order.


Click the attached file for an example of an order that was sent to a publisher on CataList and exported to a PDF.


About order addresses

An order’s PDF export could include up to four addresses.

To the attention of

  • The first address in the PDF is for the publisher account that received the submitted order on CataList.

  • Account managers in Publisher-type accounts can edit the address in the Publisher Page tab of their Settings.

Address support is not currently supported for Sales Agent-type accounts yet, so only the sales rep’s name and email address would display in this section if the order were submitted to a sales agent.

Sent by

  • The second address in the PDF is for the buyer’s account.

  • Account managers in Library, Retailer, or Wholesaler-type accounts can edit the address in the Administration tab of their Settings.

Billing and Shipping address

  • The billing and shipping addresses in the PDF are pulled from the billing and shipping addresses saved on the specific order detail page.

For more information on setting default billing and shipping addresses, see: https://booknetcanada.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/UserDocs/pages/104988736/Administration+-+Library+and+Retailer+accounts#Billing-and-shipping-addresses