BNC CataList for BookManager Users

There are several tools available to BookManager users to assist in your ordering process.  For more information on these tools and processes, please contact BookManager directly.

StockChecker Browser Plug-in

BookManager has a plug-in available for Chrome and Firefox web browsers called StockChecker. When viewing any website, StockChecker will scan the page and add a small BookManager icon to the right of any numbers that appears to be ISBNs. If using StockChecker this icon will appear next to any ISBNs in CataList.  Clicking on the icon will open a pop-up window with a direct view into a store's own BookManager account where they can enter orders directly into their BookManager account. 

Importing the CataList export into BookManager

Alternatively, you can use BookManager's Excel import function to transfer your order quantities from CataList into BookManager.

  1. Enter your order quantities in CataList, either in the order box on the View Title page or in the Order column in the list view of any catalogue.

  2. From either the catalogue list view or your My Orders page in CataList, click on the Export button and select the Excel option.

  3. View the exported Excel file.  Delete the first four report information rows.

  4. Export only requires two columns - ISBN and Quantity.  Delete any unnecessary columns, keeping only the ISBN and Quantity columns.

  5. Save the file.

  6. Log into BookManager website using BookManager username and password.

  7. Go to your cart.

  8. There is an option to upload the Excel file into BookManager. Select your file for import.

  9. When complete the order will be sitting in BookManager. Submit the order.

  10. The order will now be in the pending order file in BookManager at the store level.

  11. Process the order directly, or dummy the order using the original P.O. number if your rep took the order and you provided a P.O. number.