Customize your account grid view and export columns

As an account manager, you have the ability to set up specific columns that are included in an export file, called account columns. Account columns will be available as the default for all account users when they view books in grid views or export Excel and CSV files. This includes the grid views of any catalogues and the My Orders page for retail and library-type accounts.


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Select a pre-set format

You have the ability to use pre-set account columns or to choose the specific columns you want to include in your grid views and exports. There are two pre-set formats you can select: Basic or Extended.

To select one of the pre-set formats, log in to BNC CataList and go to the Settings link by clicking your account name in the navigation bar at the top right corner of the page. Click on the Account Columns tab.

The Basic account columns are the default selection for all users. It includes the following columns:

  • ISBN-13

  • Title

  • Contributor 1

  • Canadian contributor indicator (Note: applied if any contributor to the work is identified as Canadian)

  • On Sale Date

  • Publication Date

  • List price (CAD)

  • Format

  • Suggested Order Quantity (if available)

  • Retail/Library Order (for Retail/Library accounts only)

  • Publisher

  • BISAC Top Level

  • Pack Qty

  • Order Session


The Extended account columns include all of the columns in the list above, plus the following:

  • Feature indicator

  • Subtitle

  • Contributor 2

  • First Print

  • List Price (USD)

  • Order Qty

  • Imprint

  • Imprint

  • BISAC Second Level

To select one of the pre-set options, simply indicate your preference by selecting the corresponding radio button and click Save Settings

Customize your grid views and export columns

The Customized account columns are specific columns you choose to include in your company’s grid view and export set-up.

To customize the account columns:

  1. Select Customized.

  2. Use the single left and right arrows to add or remove columns one at a time.

  3. Use the double arrows to add /remove all columns.

  4. Use the up and down arrows to move a selected column into the order you want.

  5. Click Save Settings.

Add editable columns to your grid views and exports


As part of the customizable options, there are three columns that are editable at the account level. The columns are Publisher #, Store Category, and Store Format Code. Retail accounts will now be able to indicate their own account-specific details in any grid export out of CataList.  

When any one of these columns is added to a customized export grid, an editable field will automatically be added to any catalogue Grid View or in your My Orders grid.

Viewing custom grids in CataList

Although account columns are set by the Account Manager at the account level (and will always be available to all users at the company), individual users can use the Customize Columns feature to show or hide columns that are relevant to them. This will help manage the number of columns that run over the right side of the page.

When an Account Manager makes changes to the account columns, the account columns for users in that account will be updated, but the individual user's customized columns will be saved.