CataList Home Page

Publisher list

Located along the left side of the page, the Publisher List is a complete list of companies with catalogues posted on CataList, and all of their associated imprints or client publishers. Scroll through the list or start typing the publisher name in the look-up box to dynamically filter the list. Companies are highlighted in blue and the list of their associated publisher lines are listed in grey below each company name.

When you have found the publisher you are searching for, click the publisher name to go to the company's Publisher Page to find the catalogues for that publisher and information .

If you are logged in as a publisher account, your company name is always pinned to the top of the list.

Recent releases

The New Releases section showcases a random selection of titles releasing in the current week. Scroll right and left to view up to 25 titles, refresh the page to see another randomized selection.

To run quick reports on forthcoming titles by month, simply select a month from the drop-down menu and click Go. CataList will return forthcoming titles on the search results page, where you can export the list of results or add selected result to custom catalogues.

Reports can be run for the current month, and the next six months. If you'd like reports on different date parameters, click on the Advanced Search link in the main CataList header - there you can set up a search for specific date ranges.

All latest catalogues

The Catalogue List is a complete list of active catalogues posted to the CataList website.

By default, CataList displays an alphabetical list of all catalogues for the year calculated as (current date + 60 days). For example, 2016 catalogues will be displayed by default until the beginning of November 2016 at which point the default view will move ahead to displaying 2017 catalogues.

You can dynamically filter this table to show catalogues for specific companies or seasons (including monthly catalogues), or change the year.

Sort the table at any time by clicking on a column header. Sort in the opposite direction by clicking the column header a second time.

Click on any catalogue name to view the catalogue.


In the right hand sidebar of the home page you'll find information and announcements, as well as quick links to our Request at NetGalley catalogue and programs like Loan Stars for librarians.

Watch this section for announcements about new features, surveys, and upcoming training or maintenance times.

Recently viewed


When you are signed into CataList, below the quick links you will see a list of your ten most recently viewed catalogues. Custom and seasonal catalogues are listed here, so you can easily see what you were working on most recently, or quickly get back to catalogues you are using regularly.

Publisher customization


When you are logged into CataList as a publisher, it's easy to find all your own titles. Your publisher name is always pinned to the the top of the publisher list. Click the name to go to your publisher page to see all of your catalogues.

You can also select your publisher tab on the main content section of the home page. This limits all of the following elements to only titles and catalogues associated with your account:

  • This week's new releases
  • New release reports by month
  • Newest catalogues

Set favourite publishers


CataList also allows all signed-in users to set a list of favourite publishers or imprints that they would like to follow. To set your favourites, on the Home page click the Favourites tab.

By default the system will show you have no favourites selected yet. Click the Set Favourites button to open the selection tool.

Scroll through the list of available publishers and select the checkbox for the publishers you want to follow. If you are only interested in certain imprints, you can open the imprint listings below each top-level publisher and select only the imprints of interest to you. Click Save at the bottom of the list to save your selections.

Your Favourites tab will update all home page lists to show only your favourite publisher's activity for drop-ins, recent releases and recent catalogues.

You can also use your Favourites list to filter search results and change tracking reports in CataList.