Multiple ISBN Report Results

Criteria Summary

The summary at the top of the page shows you the parameters of your report. If you wish to change any of the parameters of the report, click View/Adjust Criteria to go to the Create Report screen. Your current parameters will be displayed.


To navigate through your report, you can click the Page links to skip directly to the page you want, or use the right and left arrow buttons to move back and forward one page at a time. To change the number of rows displayed, click the rows per page drop-down list and select the number of rows you wish to see. 

The Data

The columns that appear will be different based on whether you choose to compare By Markets or Over Time. If you chose By Markets, you will see each of those markets as a column organized alphabetically. You will also see a column marked Lifetime Units for each title based on the All Market. 

If you chose Over Time, you will see columns based on the reporting period you selected.

If All Markets is selected, it will be a column and the rows will be ordered based on those numbers. In order to shift the rows around, you can click on any of the column heads to sort the table by that column's numbers from smallest to largest. Click a second time to reverse the order. In order to select which columns are shown, go back to the top and click View/Adjust Criteria to deselect any of the markets.

Below this first set of column headings, you will see a secondary set that displays Units Sold, Value Sold (List) and On Hand (if applicable) for each market or reporting period.