BNC Direct Sales Reporting Policy

BookNet Canada offers publishers who subscribe to BNC SalesData the option to submit direct sales for reporting in BNC SalesData.

Sales must be submitted weekly through our web interface, or via a file submitted weekly from a point-of-sale (POS) system or other automated method using one of the standard reporting formats.

We require, at a minimum, the following data elements:

  • ISBN
  • Units sold
  • Actual selling price

When to submit sales

When sales come from:

  • your corporate/e-commerce website
  • publisher-run author events (no retailer intermediary)
  • institutional sales for trade titles (not proprietary or custom published institutional sales)
  • any other direct-to-consumer sale of trade titles

When not to submit sales

When sales come from:

  • a retail outlet who does not report to SalesData (we would always like to sign the retailer up so they can submit)
  • event where a retailer who is reporting to SalesData is selling books (we don't want to double count)
  • event where a retailer who is not reporting to SalesData is selling books (when retailers are the sales channel we want to collect sales from them directly)
  • sale of a proprietary or custom title
  • sale of remaindered titles

Bestseller Lists

Publisher-reported direct sales will only count towards bestseller lists under the following conditions:

  • The sale(s) must be direct-to-consumer sale(s). The sale(s) must be done by the submitting publisher and not an intermediary
  • Sales must be reported at a transactional level
  • Sales must be reported either automatically via a POS, e-commerce platform, or via one of our standard reporting formats