Adding comparable titles

Adding rep comparables

Sales reps have the option to add their own comparable titles directly on title detail pages. Rep-added comps are identified in the table with the rep symbol:  
Hovering over this symbol will allow you see which rep added that comp. 

To add a comparable title, simply click on the Add comparable title button located below the comp title table and add your ISBN! Repeat the process to add more comparable titles to the table. If you have access to SalesData, the in-line SalesData figures will automatically be returned for newly-added items.

To delete a comparable title you've previously added, simply click the red X in the far left column of the table.

Starring a comparable title

You now have the option to indicate which title is the primary comp suggestion from the list of comp titles. The starred comp is available to be viewed by all CataList account users and will be prioritized into the Comp 1 ISBN and Comp 1 title columns for any users who have selected those columns in their grid view and export settings.

To star a title in the comp titles list, simply click the empty star icon next to the title you want to mark. This action is available to all users in your account for your own titles, and the star is applied at the title level (not a the rep-per-title level) - if you have multiple reps you may want to internally manage which staff should be setting the starred comps for your titles.

To remove a star on a comparable title you've previously added, click the star icon to change the status to deselected, or select the star on a different comp to change the starred comp to the new selection and the old selection will automatically be deselected.