What's New in BNC CataList?

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We’ve made it easier for you and your colleagues to work together in the same custom catalogue! Previously, custom catalogues could only be edited by the creator, but you now have the option to make the catalogues collaborative so that other users in your CataList account can view, edit, publish, or delete them. We’ve also made changes to the Add-to-Catalogue button so that it’s easier for you to find your custom catalogues.

Check out our new features in action at bnccatalist.ca!

Changes to custom catalogues

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Create a collaborative custom catalogue

When you create or edit a custom catalogue, there is a new option below the catalogue name to make the catalogue collaborative.

Choose Collaborative to let all users in your CataList account have editing access to that catalogue.

Editorial permissions

  • The editorial permissions for collaborative custom catalogues apply only to users in your CataList account.

  • Account Managers can view and edit all private and collaborative custom catalogues in their account.

  • There are no changes to the permissions for recipients; recipients who aren’t in your CataList account will not have access to edit your custom catalogues.


Revert a collaborative custom catalogue

As the catalogue creator, you can change your collaborative custom catalogue back to private at any time. However, if your colleague is making edits to your catalogue at the same time you are changing it back to a private custom catalogue, their changes could be lost. Make sure all edits have been saved first before changing the catalogue’s status back to private.

Identify collaborative custom catalogues

After you or another user in your account have created a collaborative custom catalogue, the catalogue will display alongside your private custom catalogues when you view the Custom Catalogues tab in My Page, and when you add titles to a catalogue using the Add-to-catalogue button. You can identify the collaborative custom catalogues by the multi-person icon next to the catalogue name in various areas of the site:

My Page

Click the Type column header to sort the catalogues by their private or collaborative status.

You can also use the checkboxes above the table to show/hide private or collaborative custom catalogues.

Account Managers have the additional option to view all the custom catalogues created by the users in their CataList account.

View a catalogue

When viewing or editing a collaborative custom catalogue, hover over the icon next to the catalogue’s name to see who created the catalogue.


The icon in front of the catalogue name marks it as a collaborative custom catalogue. Hover over it to see who created the catalogue.

Use the new search bar in the add-to-catalogue panel to find collaborative and private custom catalogues by name or creator.

Other changes in this release

  • A new design for the Add-to-catalogue dropdown, including a new search bar to find your collaborative and private custom catalogues by name or creator.

  • New filters in My Page’s Custom Catalogue tab to view private and/or collaborative custom catalogues.

  • New columns in My Page’s Custom Catalogue tab to show the user who last edited a catalogue and when the edit was made.

  • Account Managers can view and edit all private custom catalogues in their CataList account.

  • A Copy button to create a copy of a seasonal or custom catalogue is available in the catalogue toolbar for each of the three catalogue views. 


Latest features added on May 27, 2022.

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