What's New in BNC CataList?

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Our latest release brings improvements to ordering processes, order sharing and shared order notifications. There are also several small improvements and additions in the custom catalogue feature set and across the site. Read on below for all the details.

Check out our new features in action at bnccatalist.ca!

Order process changes

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Starting a New Order

We’ve made it easier to find and access the system ordering features, by expanding out the order button, and clearly labelling a new Order Products button in the catalogue toolbar.

The Start a New Order form is largely unchanged in the latest version of the site, but there are a few new tools and options:

  • Multi-location stores can now choose which store location(s) they want included in this particular order.

  • There are two new optional fields: Category 1 and Category 2. You can use these categories to apply tags to your order to make it easier to find later. We’ll be adding filters on the My Orders page in a coming release that will let you filter orders based on these tags.

You may notice that there is no longer a way to tag your sales rep when creating an order. Never fear! Read on below about the improved process of sharing an order with a rep once your order is complete and ready to send.

Sales Rep process

Your order creation process has even fewer changes! The system will automatically select all available stores for the store you are entering the order for.

Exit out of an order

Done working in your order? Now you can easily click the Exit order button in the order summary box to close the summary box.

You can access your order again by going to the My Orders page to find it, or click the Order Products button and choose the option to select an existing order to continue working on this order on the current page.


Viewing and editing orders

Once you've started your order, you can access the details by clicking on the order name in the order summary box, or by going to My Orders page and clicking on the order name in the list.

We’ve added support on this page for adding or editing almost all of the order summary details - you can't change the store location(s) associated with the order, but you change the order name, PO number, promotion code, and category tags.

You can also add or override billing and shipping addresses for this order.

See more in the next section about adding default billing and shipping addresses for your store or branch locations.

Order line table changes

There are also some order line table changes in this release:

  • Addition of the Distributor column. This column contains the Canadian Supplier information for each title. This data is provided and maintained in the ONIX records that publishers and distributors provide to BNC BiblioShare.

  • A new editable line note column. You can add free text here as needed.



Billing and shipping address support

Add billing and shipping addresses in your Settings


Default billing and shipping addresses

For retailers, wholesalers and libraries, Account Managers can now add more information about your stores and branches in your Settings pages.

  • A new section has been added to allow you to enter the main billing address.

  • When adding or editing stores or branches you will also now have the option to add a shipping address per location.

If you have these addresses set up in your CataList settings, the system will automatically populate the addresses into all new orders created for your account. You have the ability to override the billing and shipping address on any order using the editing tools on the View Order page.

Multi-store orders

If your new order contains orders for multiple locations, the system will fill in the billing address, however, the shipping address will need to be manually added using the editing tools on the View Order page.

Sharing orders with sales representatives


Submit order process

When your order is complete and ready to close off, you can:

  • Close the order without sharing it

  • Export the order and send by email or by your other usual methods to your rep or directly to your suppliers

  • Submit the order to share directly to your sales rep within the system

To submit an order in the system, click the Submit Order button and search for your rep in the directory.

Select your rep and click Send. Your rep will get an in-system notification after your order has been submitted.

Orders sent to reps are automatically closed, and cannot be reopened. Make sure your order is complete and final before sending!


New order notifications

When a customer submits an order in the system to you, a notification flag will display in the main navigation bar, above the link for My Orders page.

Click the My Orders page link to access your newly-received orders.

Any orders you have not viewed yet will display in bold text in the table.

To clear the bold formatting and notification flag, click on the new orders to view them, or use the Export link in the Action column to export the new orders.

Orders can only be submitted to users in Publisher or Sales Agent accounts who have opted into the CataList Directory.

If you would like accounts to submit order to you in the system, check in your Settings > Personal Settings tab that you are opted into the directory.

Other changes in this release

  • Improved readability of metadata on title detail page

  • Addition of Category 1 and 2 tags on custom catalogues

  • Updated filters on My Page for filtering catalogues, including filters by category tags

  • A new PDF order export, for single-location orders only

  • Increased space for Description and Contributor Bio content on PDF exports

  • Fixes for Thema searching and search for BISAC codes containing a + character


Latest features added on January 22, 2022.

Check this space often to find out more about the changes and new features added to BNC CataList.