What's New in BNC CataList?

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We’ve added a new feature that will let everyone set custom columns in grid views and exports. Switch between account columns and your custom columns whenever you like, and export Excel or CSV files that include all the data you need!


Account columns and custom columns

Account columns

If you’re an Account Manager (or Catalogue Editor), you may have noticed that the Exporting tab in your Settings has been renamed to Account Columns. You still have the Basic, Extended, and Customized options when it comes to choosing what columns are included in your export files and what displays in the catalogue grid view by default for people in your account. What we’ve done is give these columns you have set up a new name: account columns. The new name helps differentiate these columns set up at the account level from our new feature, user-level custom columns.

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Custom columns

Before we introduced custom columns, the columns that you were able to show and hide in grid views were limited to the columns that the Account Managers set up in the account settings.

Now, all the columns available in CataList are available for you to add to your grid views and exports, regardless of which columns the Account Manager selected for the account columns.

By default, each person will see the columns set at the account level. To customize your column views, click the Customize Columns button at the top right above the table and choose the My Custom Columns radio button. Select the columns you want to include in your custom grid, and click Save. You can drag the header of a column to place it next to another column. Your column selections and their order are reflected in your export files and will be saved for the next time you log in to your account.

Catalogue grid view

When you browse a catalogue in grid view, the Customize Columns button displays on the top right of your grid. As this is a feature available only to registered users, please make sure that you are logged in to your account.

The new feature lets you easily switch between the account columns (the ones set up at the account level) and your custom columns. By default, the account columns are selected, and you won’t be able to edit them. Switch to My custom columns to start customizing your grid view. When you are customizing your catalogue grid views, you will see the available columns separated into four sections:

  • Bibliographic data

  • Supply data

  • Order management

  • Supplemental information

Click the section headers to toggle the column lists open or closed.

You then have the option to save, reset, or cancel your options. If you choose to click Reset, your columns will be reverted to the last set of columns saved by you (or, if it is your first time using this new feature, it will revert to the account columns).

Search results grid view

To customize your columns on the search results page, make sure your search results are displayed in the grid view.

Your custom columns for the search results grid view can be different from the ones you selected for your catalogue grid views. When viewing search results, you will also have a smaller set of available columns you can select from, compared to the catalogue grid views. For example, the columns in the Order Management section aren’t available in the search results grid view.

If you want to use the Order Management columns for your search results, you have two options:

  • Click on an ISBN to view the title detail page, where order capability exists, or

  • Move the search results into a catalogue, where you can access the catalogue grid view. To do this, select the titles you want and click Add To Catalogue.

Exporting from CataList

For all users, account columns will always be available as an export format for Excel and CSV files. Our new feature gives you the option to use either the account columns or your custom columns.

This is helpful if there are times when you need files that contain columns that were not set up by the Account Manager. With your custom columns saved to the system, you can switch between exporting your columns and the account columns. When you are ready to export a file, choose from the drop-down menu which set of columns you want your file to include and then download your Excel or CSV file.

When viewing your search results, you can select individual titles to include in your export file by selecting the checkboxes next to those titles.

Order exports

Order exports also have the custom column feature. While you can’t set your custom column views on the order page, you can still export your order using your custom columns. If you choose to do this, we will use the set that you have saved for catalogue grid views, not search results.

Other changes in this release

  • We have streamlined the registration process to help new clients indicate how they need to use CataList in their business workflows

  • We have added new columns to the grid views:

    • Measurements: height, width, depth, and weight

    • Thema subject codes

    • Availability

    • Language

    • Previous Edition


Latest features added March 11, 2021.

Check this space often to find out more about the changes and new features added to BNC CataList.