CataList SalesData Report

CataList is integrated with BookNet Canada's SalesData service. Retailers that provide their point of sale data into the system and publishers that subscribe to the service can pull a report on any title in CataList and its comparable titles with one click. Additionally, SalesData subscribers also receive a discounted rate on ISBN spaces on CataList!

Find out more about providing point of sale data into SalesData or subscribing to the service on the BookNet Canada website




If you have access to SalesData, the report button is located above the comparable title table in scroll view or on the title detail page.

The comparable title table provides information on the publisher-provided comparable titles, including previous editions of the same work.

Clicking the View SalesData Report button launches the report for the title itself and all the comparable titles listed in the table.


The SalesData report available in CataList displays the first 13 weeks of aggregated sales for the All Market, for the title you were viewing and for any comparable titles. The report also displays the sum total of the first 13 weeks and lifetime sales for the All Market.

Retailers that provide POS numbers into SalesData, can see additional rows of data returned from the SalesData system.  In addition to the All Market aggregate sales numbers for CataList titles and their comparable books, retailers can see their own store sales and the sales totals for any peer groups to which they belong. By default the system will return 13 weeks of data based on the date of first sale for your store (or in any one of your stores, for multi-location retailers). If your store has not sold any copies of a comparable title, then the date of first sales in the All Markets aggregate will be used.

Publishers who have selected a retail market will now have the week-by-week sales reported for their selected market in addition to the All Market data.

If there is no SalesData available for a title, on a forthcoming title for example, you will see a message stating that "No SalesData record could be found for ISBN 97XXXXXXXXXXX".

If your SalesData access is limited to a watchlist, for items outside your watchlist you will see a message stating "You do not have access to SalesData for ISBN 97XXXXXXXXXXX".