Multi-Library Report Results

When the multi-library report results are returned, there are several ways you can orient yourself to the page, navigate, and manipulate the view of the data to review the results.

Results Page Header

There are a number of elements that make up the header of every Multi-Library Report results page.

Bibliographic Information

The top of the report gives you all the information on the titles in the ISBN cluster you selected, including details like: contributors, publisher, pub date, and languages.

Clicking the info button to the left of any ISBN will bring up a pop-up with more detailed information such as item status, product form, BISAC subject category, volume, edition, languages, illustrations, and awards. Details are supplied only if they are available in the title's bibliographic record. 

The awards data is curated by R.R. Bowker Books in Print, a division of ProQuest. To request the addition of a Canadian award to the R.R. Bowker data, please contact

Multi-Library Circulation Results

The results page varies depending on which report you choose. While the header information remains the same. In this section, we'll explore the Multi-Library Book Activity Report. To see the Week by Week report, click here.

You will automatically be shown Lifetime results in your Multi-Library Book Activity Report but you can select specific time periods from the drop-down menu, which will update the data displayed in the graph.

You also have the option to add or edit which library aggregates the data is being displayed for. 

Top Tip!

From any Book Activity Week by Week  report, you can switch to the Multi-Library report by clicking the Change to Multi Library View button in the adjust criteria toolbar.

Table View

Data about the title you searched for will appear in the form of a report table. 


By default, Multi-Library reports are sorted alphabetically by library aggregate. Columns include: library aggregate, loans, holds, holds:copies ratio, copies, copies on order, and copies out. Find more information on LibraryData columns here

Further Report Customization

Show/Hide Columns

To show or hide a column in the table view of the report, click the Customize Columns button in the menu above the report. By default, all columns are shown. Click OK to save the new settings and view the updated report. Click Cancel to close the box without making changes. Find more information on saving column presets here.

Sorting By Column

A purple heading column with a white arrow indicates that the data is being sorted by that column. An upward-facing arrow indicates that data is being sorted in ascending order. A downward-facing arrow indicates that data is being sorted in descending order. Click any column header once to sort data in descending order. Click twice to sort data in ascending order. 


Move through the report, or set the number of rows appearing per page, using the navigation menu that appears above and below the report.

Saving & Sharing

Learn how to download, email, or share your Multi-Library Book Activity Report here.

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