BiblioShare Bookstore Builder Shopify App

BiblioShare Bookstore Builder Shopify App

How does the BiblioShare Shopify App work?


Once you install the App, a BNC BiblioShare App will appear in your settings. There you can select or deselect the fields you want to have updated by the BiblioShare App. Your user token also gets added here so you can access the data from BiblioShare.

Pulling in book data

You can use the App to pull in data and cover images for product pages. 

After the BiblioShare Bookstore Builder App is installed, simply add a 13-digit ISBN to the Title of the product in the Shopify admin dashboard

Click Save and the product  is updated in your product pages  for you.

The Result

Data Source

This App uses images from BNC's BiblioShare Image Service and data from BNC BiblioShare ONIX Service.

BiblioShare is a database of publisher-supplied ONIX data. ONIX allows publishers to describe books in great detail, and we can take advantage of that detail to do things like add Canadian flags when a contributor is identified as Canadian



To install Apps you need to be using the Shopify ecommerce software from 

The installation for the Bookstore Builder App can be found in the Shopify App Store here:

User Tokens

You need to apply for a user token before you can use the Shopify App. The token allows us to keep an eye on our server traffic. It also helps us troubleshoot any problems that might come up.

You can request a token by filling out and submitting this form.