Title details page

The Title Detail page gives users more in-depth information about each title. Visitors to a Title Detail page will see different things depending on their user type and access level.

Publishers who want to know how their data gets from an ONIX file to a CataList page should read the ONIX for BNC CataList documentation.

Guest users (not logged in)

Any visitor to the CataList site will see:

  • basic bibliographic metadata, such as title, contributor, publication date, format, price, publisher and imprint
  • standard information, such as cover image, description, contributor biography, subject, audience, and embedded video
  • related products, including other formats of the title and backlist titles that are also available; and
  • the ability to export PDFs or email a link to the page

Signed-in users

Any registered CataList user has the ability to record private notes for a title in the My Notes. This is a great tool and is the online equivalent of marking up print catalogues.

Users can also send notes to other registered users. These notes will be listed on the recipient's My Page under Alerts and on the Title Detail page of the relevant item. Simply add a note, choose one or more recipients, and click on Save. Users must opt in to the CataList directory (in Settings) if they wish to receive Shared Notes.

Signed in users also see some additional metadata elements such as marketing data and interior images.

BNC SalesData users

Logged-in users who have also have access to BNC SalesData can see sales information for comparable titles. Clicking on the View SalesData button will pull a BNC SalesData report for the first 13 weeks of sale for any comparable titles the publisher has listed, as well as the data for the main item itself. When viewing the report, clicking on the ISBN will bring you to BNC SalesData where you can see the Title/ISBN report with complete details for that title.

Publishers and sales reps

Users in the publisher account associated with the title will see some additional details, such as Key Selling Points, when that content has been provided to CataList.

Catalogue Editors or Account Managers also have additional permission to edit titles. These user types will see an "Edit this record" button below the contributor name. Click the button to go to the Edit Title page.

Retailers and libraries

Retail staff and librarians also see additional information about titles such as Key Selling Points, comparable titles and library pricing when available. They are also able to see suggested orders (if any) and enter order quantities using the Orders box on the Title Detail page. Retailers and librarians may also see reading copy request options available from NetGalley or directly from publishers in the Read Me drop-down. For library users, the Vote button for the Loan Stars program will be visible above the Read Me one.