Recommendations for Citing Educational Standards and Objectives in Metadata

BISG White Paper published on June 30, 2015, and it is a substantially updated revision of:  Recommendations for Citing Common Core State Standards in ONIX (2014)

Document attached:


BISG also has a dedicated page: 

where the core taxonomy list is kept.  Using it is recommended as it would always be up-to-date.  It's not clear how often this list will be updated.

The PDF contains detailed instructions on how to embed a variety of Educational values in ONIX, including Common Core codes and these Educational Taxonomy values, but they are codes that are part of ONIX Code List 26, "Subject Scheme Identifier" and would be provided as Subject Code entries.

Educational Taxonomy, Version 1.0  (June 30, 2015)

EDTX010Analyze and interpret data
EDTX020Analyze media
EDTX030Analyze poetry
EDTX040Analyze text structure
EDTX050Apply geometric concepts in modeling situations
EDTX060Define problems
EDTX070Build vocabulary
EDTX080Cite supporting evidence
EDTX090Collaborate with others
EDTX100Communicate effectively
EDTX110Compare and contrast
EDTX120Compare points of view
EDTX130Conduct short research projects
EDTX140Construct compelling questions
EDTX150Construct explanations and design solutions
EDTX160Construct supporting questions
EDTX170Control and express variables
EDTX180Create charts and graphs
EDTX190Create media products
EDTX200Demonstrate ability to recall
EDTX210Demonstrate close reading
EDTX220Demonstrate editing and revision skills
EDTX230Demonstrate foundational reading skills
EDTX240Demonstrate understanding of figurative language
EDTX250Describe qualitative change
EDTX260Describe quantitative change
EDTX270Determine a central idea or theme
EDTX280Determine meanings of symbols and key terms
EDTX290Determine helpful sources
EDTX300Develop and use models
EDTX310Develop understanding of variability and distribution
EDTX320Distinguish between fact and opinion
EDTX330Engage in argument from evidence
EDTX340Experiment with transformations
EDTX350Use area and volume formulas
EDTX360Follow multistep procedures
EDTX370Gather relevant information from multiple sources
EDTX380Generate ideas
EDTX390Develop hypotheses
EDTX400Identify cause and effect
EDTX410Identify chronology and sequence
EDTX420Identify fact and opinion
EDTX430Identify primary and secondary sources
EDTX440Identify problems and solutions
EDTX450Infer and interpret
EDTX460Integrate and synthesize information
EDTX470Integrate quantitative and visual information
EDTX480Construct linear models
EDTX490Make geometric constructions
EDTX500Make inferences and justify conclusions
EDTX510Make judgments and decisions effectively
EDTX520Model and interpret physical, social, and mathematical phenomena
EDTX530Model with mathematics
EDTX540Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information
EDTX550Perform contextualized problem solving using graphs, tables and equations
EDTX560Perform pattern transformations
EDTX570Plan, research, and conduct investigations
EDTX580Make predictions
EDTX590Read character development narrative
EDTX600Read first-person narrative
EDTX610Read informational text
EDTX620Read literary text
EDTX630Read multiple narratives
EDTX640Read narrative informational text
EDTX650Read second-person narrative
EDTX660Recognize relative position [numbers]
EDTX670Represent and analyze patterns and functions
EDTX680Summarize and describe distributions
EDTX690Summarize complex concepts, processes, or information
EDTX700Take informed action
EDTX710Understand and evaluate random processes
EDTX720Understand congruence
EDTX730Understand meanings of operations and how they relate to one another
EDTX740Understand measurements and attributes of objects
EDTX750Use argumentation skills
EDTX760Use context clues
EDTX770Use discussion and presentation skills
EDTX780Use listening skills
EDTX790Use mathematics and computational thinking
EDTX800Use probability to evaluate outcomes
EDTX810Use technology to produce writing
EDTX820Visualize relationships
EDTX830Write arguments
EDTX840Write informational text
EDTX850Write explanatory texts
EDTX860Write routinely over extended time frames