What's New in SalesData?

Updated: August 19, 2022

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How to Hard Reset your Browser if the SalesData site isn't loading properly:

We did a feature release on the SalesData site overnight, so there may be a conflict between the version online now and the version in your browser's cache that might cause some issues.

Clearing your browser's cache or doing a "hard reload" should solve the issue.

  • On Chrome, you can do a hard reload by opening View > Developer > Developer Tools, and then right-clicking on the reload icon (the circular arrow next to the URL bar) and selecting "Empty Cache and Hard Reload"

  • On Edge: Hold down the Ctrl key and then press your F5 key, or, hold down the Ctrl key and then click the Refresh button.

  • On Firefox: Hold down the Ctrl Key and then press F5, or hold down the Shift key and Ctrl key, and then press the R key.

Need some additional help? Hard reload not solving your issues? Reach out to us at salesdata@booknetcanada.ca and we'd be happy to help!

With that settled - onto the new features!

Canadian Contributor Filters on ALL Title-Level Reports

Often requested, and now delivered! Just like on the Bestseller and Popular Books reports, you can now filter your results by Canadian titles in the below reports:

  • Multi-ISBN

  • Gap Analysis

  • Bestseller Circ

  • Collection Gaps

This change will better allow you to surface and discover results for Canadian-authored titles. Give them a try on your favourite report today!

Trend Analysis Report Improvements: Canadian Contributor Filters and Additional Reporting Period Options

Like the reports above, the Trend Analysis report has also picked up Canadian Contributor filter capability.

We’ve also added two new reporting period options: Snapshot, which shows circulation over a broad spectrum of time periods: the current week, last week, this year to date, last year to date, all of last year, and all of the previous year.

We’ve also added the Year over Year reporting option, which allows you to see the same month or quarter’s circulation over the past years, or the year to date over the past years, or full years.

Happy reporting!