Trade Leagues

Looking for information about PubFight's trade leagues? You've come to the right place!

Trade Leagues

Each season, a new round begins. Trade leagues run concurrently and players are able to participate in more than one league in each season. A league is composed of 6-10 participants from across the Canadian book industry, often working for the same publishing house or distributor, who compete to out-bid each other and “purchase” real fall titles to make up their fantasy fall list.

The live season runs from late July to January. Participants are given a fixed (imaginary) budget to purchase real titles from publishers' upcoming frontlists during an auction with all other members of their league. Each participant then manages print runs and stock maintenance throughout the simulated season. Winners are chosen based on profit.

All players need to have SalesData access for the duration of the season.

The following companies are participating in the live trade leagues (for industry professionals with access to SalesData):

  • BookNet Canada (of course!)
  • Ampersand Inc.
  • Dundurn 
  • Cooke Agency
  • Figure 1 Press
  • Formac Lorimer Books
  • Indigo Books & Music
  • Literary Press Group / LitDistCo
  • Raincoast Book Distribution
  • Penguin Random House of Canada
  • Scholastic Canada
  • Simon & Schuster Canada
  • Whodunit? Mystery Bookstore