Administration of Educational Leagues

On this page you will find information on how to host a PubFight league for your class.

Checklist for Educational League Administrators

Once you've decided to host a PubFight league for your class, the following steps are necessary to play the game:

  1. Schedule PubFight into your course calendar. Important dates:
    • the date of your league's Fakefurt auction;
    • the date that the first and last week of sales data will be imported (i.e., the start and end dates of the game);
    • the deadline for the class' publishing houses to submit their initial print runs; and
    • the schedule of data loads between the first and last week of data imports.
  2. Introduce PubFight to your students, the Rules & Guidelines and what the Fakefurt auction will entail. 
    • Share the title listing for your league and list of comparable titles with historical sales information with your class and invite them to start their research before Fakefurt.
    • Share the link to the PubFight Help Manual.
  3. Conduct your Fakefurt auction.
    • If you'd like someone from BookNet to come to your class to assist with running the auction, contact us at
    • At the end of the auction, explain the next steps, primarily the important dates defined in #1 above.
  4. Following your league's Fakefurt auction, follow the instructions here to submit auction data to the PubFight Commissioner.
  5. After BNC staff provides log-in details for all players, you and your students will be emailed a welcome email with brief instructions about next steps. This email will include the deadline for submission of the players' initial print runs.
  6. Log in to PubFight's web interface at and, according to a schedule you defined and communicated to your students, load new weeks of data for your students to manage by clicking on the "League Admin" tab and then the "Import Salesdata" link for the next available week of data.

7. Once the last week of data has been imported, the game is over. You may choose to grade your students on their performance or just share the results with them—it's up to you!

Note: Some instructors choose to incorporate a lecture on supply chain management, SalesData, bibliographic standards, etc., led by a member of the BookNet Canada staff team. If you'd like someone from BookNet to come to your class, contact us at

Critical Path for Educational League Administrators