Data Upload Schedule for Educational Leagues

PubFight educational leagues run on SalesData feeds from the previous fall season, which means that new leagues can start at any time.

It is up to the administrator (usually a course instructor) of an educational league to define and communicate to league participants (students) the following:

  • the date of your league's Fakefurt auction;
  • the date that the first and last week of sales data will be imported (i.e., the start and end dates of the game);
  • the deadline for the class' publishing houses to submit their initial print runs; and
  • the schedule of data loads between the first and last week of data imports.

Note: please refer to Administration of Educational Leagues for more information on how to run a PubFight educational league.

Setting a Data Upload Schedule

BookNet's PubFight Commissioner recommends that educational league administrators communicate the schedule of data uploads to their league's participants before the first week of data is uploaded.

For example if a league administrator planned to upload data every Tuesday and Thursday during her course to allow her participants to play a complete game in an accelerated fashion, she may adopt the following sample schedule for her class:

Week #Sales Data Period Imported (established by BookNet; below you will find the sales data periods for current educational leagues)
Date Sales Data Imported to PubFight (established by league administrator & communicated to league participants)
12017-08-07 to 2017-08-13


22017-08-14 to 2017-08-202018-09-20
32017-08-21 to 2017-08-272018-09-25
42017-08-28 to 2017-089-032018-09-27
52017-09-04 to 2017-09-102018-10-02
62017-09-11 to 2017-09-172018-10-04
72017-09-18 to 2017-09-242018-10-09
82017-09-25 to 2017-10-012018-10-11
92017-10-02 to 2017-10-082018-10-16
102017-10-09 to 2017-10-152018-10-18
112017-10-16 to 2017-10-222018-10-23
122017-10-23 to 2017-10-292018-10-25
132017-10-30 to 2017-11-052018-10-30
142017-11-06 to 2017-11-122018-11-01
152017-11-13 to 2017-11-192018-11-06
162017-11-20 to 2017-11-262018-11-08
172017-11-27 to 2017-12-032018-11-13
182017-12-04 to 2017-12-102018-11-15
192017-12-11 to 2017-12-172018-11-20
202017-12-18 to 2017-12-242018-11-22
212017-12-25 to 2018-12-312018-11-27
222018-01-01 to 2018-01-072018-11-29
232018-01-08 to 2018-01-142018-12-04


When planning your league's data upload schedule, please consider the steps in the Checklist for Educational League Administrators and the Critical Path for Educational League Administrators. And be mindful of public holidays and school closures and/or study weeks!