"Publishers" page

On this page, you will learn about the contents of the "Publishers" page, where you get an overview of printing costs and sales figures for all titles won by participants in your league during your Fakefurt auction, accessed after logging in at www.bncpubfight.ca:

League Summary

Carried over from the Home page, the League Summary section displays information about your league:

  • The name of the current league being displayed (if you are a member of more than one league, you may view the details and enter game play for another league by selecting it from the drop-down menu).
  • The rank of participants in your league, with the following information about their publishing houses:
    • their avatar;
    • their publishing house's name; and
    • the quote employed as their house's tagline.

Printing Summary

The Printing Summary table at the top of the page shows you the current print statistics for your league:

  • category: you may choose to view statistics for all titles in play or by subject categories (fiction, non-fiction, or juvenile)
  • printing status:
    • pending print run has been entered by a publisher but can still be modified or cancelled before the next data import (the units ordered are not yet reflected in any on-hand numbers);
    • a submitted print run has been entered by a publisher and is now active and cannot be modified or cancelled (the units ordered are not yet reflected in any on-hand numbers); and
    • a completed print run cannot be changed or cancelled as the units ordered are now included as available stock (the units will be included in on-hand totals until the time when they are counted as sales).
  • the total print cost includes costs for initial print run and all subsequent print runs

Category Rank

The Category Rank table displays detailed information for all titles. By default, you will see all titles in play from all publishers in your league: clicking on the pictures or publisher names in the League Summary section will allow you to see titles for a specific participant in your league. Alternatively, you may filter by subject category using the drop-down menu in the Printing Summary section above.

Table data for each title includes:

  • title, author, ISBN, and list price bibliographic information (as displayed in SalesData when the data was imported at the start of the game);
    • Trade league participants with access to SalesData may click on a title's linked ISBN to be directed to the SalesData Title/ISBN Report for that particular title
  • week sales, or the number of units sold this week (in the most recent week's sales data import);
  • YTD Sales, or the total units sold since the league began;
  • the number of units on-hand (OH), or currently in-stock;
  • the gross sales (a calculation derived from the multiplication of total units sold by the list price);
  • the total cost spent to date (includes the advance paid at the Fakefurt auction and all print costs);

  • the total amount of money in lost sales when stock had run out (zero quantity on-hand) when sales were recorded;
  • the subject category: fiction, non-fiction, or juvenile; and
  • whether or not a publisher is currently reprinting a title (have submitted a print run for the title that has not yet been delivered).

To sort by any of the columns, click the title once. The column’s values will automatically be sorted in ascending order. To sort in descending order, click the title two times.