Rules, Guidelines and the Commissioner


  1. All members of a league must be able to attend the league's Fakefurt auction.
  2. All trade league participants (i.e., excluding educational league participants) must have access to SalesData for the duration of the game. That means all members must be in the employ of a SalesData subscriber in good standing for the duration of the PubFight season.
  3. The use of SalesData, CataList, and participation in PubFight are subject to each product's respective Term of Use document. All PubFight participants agree to abide by the conditions set out in these documents, which are hereby incorporated into PubFight's rule set:


The standards for PubFight game play are set by BookNet Canada and can be modified according to the needs and desires of particular leagues. These guidelines can be changed by the league administrator before the game begins, in consultation with the PubFight Commissioner, and then communicated to all league participants.

The PubFight Commissioner

BookNet Canada will periodically appoint a Commissioner for all PubFight leagues (both trade and educational). The Commissioner has the power to rule on all aspects of PubFight, including but not limited to: league business; rule infractions; and disputes/complaints from players and/or league administrators. Changes to the rule set and game procedures may be made during game play, when necessary, and will be communicated to all league administrators who are entrusted to disseminate communications to their league's participants. The Commissioner also has the right to discipline or disqualify players if deemed necessary. The decisions of the Commissioner are final and irreversible.