How SalesData works with other BookNet Canada products

Want to know where SalesData gets all that data from, and how it works with other BookNet Canada products? We've illustrated our product ecosystem below, and here are a few key highlights regarding SalesData:

  • BiblioShare → SalesData: All the cover images in SalesData come from BNC BiblioShare.
  • Bowker → SalesData: All the bibliographic data you see is provided by Bowker, which gets its data from publisher-supplied metadata feeds.
  • Retailers → SalesData: All the sales data, including actual selling price (ASP), volume sold, on-hand, and on-order numbers, are reported each week by more than 2,000 retailers across the country, covering 85% of the Canadian print trade market.
  • SalesData → CataList: SalesData powers reporting features in BNC CataList for users who subscribe to both products.
  • SalesData → Research: Aggregated sales data is used by the BNC Research Team to develop research studies, including all the reports posted in the SalesData Research Portal and the annual Canadian Book Market reports. It's also used to create bestseller lists for the media.