Using Print Records to Create Ebook Records

The following instructions allow you to use an existing print book record to create an ebook record.

  • On the Manage Titles screen, click theicon next to the print record for which you want to create an ebook record.
  • All previously entered data for the print book will be duplicated, except for the ISBN and Record Reference.
  • Enter your ebook's unique ISBN and Record Reference; they should be different from the print ISBN and Record Reference.
  • Edit all of the following schema-required fields: 
    • Change Product Form to "DG - Electronic book text".
    • Remove Product Form Detail (if it exists).
    • Add Epublication Type. Eg. "029 - EPUB" if your book is in EPUB format.
    • Edit Price Type Code and Price if there are differences in pricing.
  • Edit any other field that applies to print books but not to ebooks.
  • Click Save.
  • Your ebook title will be added to your catalogue in the Manage Titles screen.