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Compact navigation bars

We've updated our catalogue navigation bars to take up less space and group similar functions together. This means we've pulled some functions together under a single button.

The navigation buttons let you jump to a different catalogue view, or a specific item in a catalogue.

The export buttons allow you to export a catalogue to one of the PDF formats, email a link to a title or catalogue, or download a spreadsheet or text file.

The action items roll up all the editing, organizing and publishing tools under a single Edit button, allow you create a custom copy of a catalogue and start or continue an order.

Favourite Publisher filters

We've added a new Favourite Publishers tab on the Home page. You can now limit the display of catalogues and new releases to just the publishers and imprints you want to see most.

For example, a sales agent who represents several publishers in CataList can customize their homepage experience and new release report contents by selecting all of the publishers they represent in their favourites list.

A multinational,distributor or publisher rep who sells only a portion of a whole list can select just the imprints or clients for an account on CataList.

A specialist retail buyer, librarian or reviewer can limit to only publishers who publish they types of books they need to see for their business purposes.

TIP: Publishers - With this feature, you may want to review how your imprints and client lists are set up within your CataList account. If you need to change historical publisher or imprint associations on your titles, get in touch with us at for assistance with this process.

Click the Set Favourites button to select form the list. Open top-level accounts to see and select client publisher and imprint lists.

Search for a list of ISBNs

You can now use the advanced search form to search for a list of ISBNs in CataList. The current implementation will allow you to search for up to 99 ISBNs at a time.

When your search results are returned you can select your results and export them out of the system or send them to a new custom catalogue.

Released: May 31, 2017

Check this space often to find out more about the changes and new features added to BNC CataList.                                               


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