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Save time on manual entry for forthcoming titles!

CataList has integrated part of the BiblioShare MARC record export - you can export a brief MARC bibliographic record file for any catalogue or order in CataList. If you are logged into a library-type account, you will see the MARC option pop up in any of the export option lists.

Need more complete MARC records? Talk to the BiblioShare team about their full suite of bibliographic data web services.

Bibliographic record export

Exporting from a catalogue

To export a brief MARC file with all of the catalogue contents:

  1. Log into your account and view the desired catalogue.

  2. Click the Export icon, then choose MARC biblio from the download options.

The download manager displays the download progress of your file. Once it is complete, your file is downloaded to your computer.


To build a MARC file with a specific list of ISBNs, use the Create Custom Catalogue feature to build a catalogue with all of the titles you need., then use the steps above to export all the bibliographic records in MARC format.


Data points in the brief MARC record include:

  • Download date

  • ISBN, format and retail price

  • Primary contributor of the work

  • Title and subtitle

  • Publisher

  • Year of publication

Order export (Polaris-compatible)

In addition to the MARC biblio export that CataList already provides, libraries can export order quantities by branch from CataList. Any library will be able to export both the MARC biblio and MARC order exports, with the order export structure currently meeting the Polaris ILS order specification.

The MARC order export can be triggered from any catalogue view when the user is working in an order, viewing an order detail page, or viewing the My Orders list.

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The MARC order export includes branch-level order quantities and fund codes along with the basic bibliographic data record.

Branch IDs and default fund codes by branch can be set up by library users with Account Manager access in their Company Settings.

Fund code defaults can be overridden for all items in a given order export, as required at the time of export, by selecting “Override the fund code defaults for the export” in the export dialogue box and providing an alternate fund code.