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Browsing by catalogue

Different organizations create different types of catalogues. If you're more interested in finding titles that are produced or represented by a particular organization, or are part of a special program, you can browse by catalogue! These catalogues tend to house titles from many different publishers. 

You can always see the most recently released catalogues from your home page. You can also see titles that have been added after the catalogues were published and may otherwise have slipped into a pre-existing catalogue unnoticed under "Recent Drop-ins." You can discover what's releasing this week, in upcoming months for all CataList publishers, or a click the favourites tab to find new titles and catalogues from your list of favourite publishers. Quick reports can be run by choosing your desired month from the drop-down. The results can then be exported into the format of your choice. 

For upcoming titles, the best places to browse are through our NetGalley and Loan Stars catalogues.

Our NetGalley catalogues are updated weekly and list all titles that are available on both CataList and NetGalley.