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Order details can be edited on the order’s detail page. You can edit any information in the order except for the location that you selected for it.

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Edit order details

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To edit the order details of your active order:

  1. Click the linked order name in the Order Summary box order summary to view your order.

    • If you need to edit another open order, click My Orders from the global navigation bar and find the order on the page.

  1. On the order details page, click Edit. Textboxes display for editable fields.

  2. Make changes to your order name, details, and billing/shipping addresses.

    • If you want to change the default addresses for future orders, go to your account settings.

  3. Click Save.

Your changes are saved and the screen exits edit mode.


Only open orders can be edited.

  • If you closed your order, click Reopen Order to edit the order.

  • If you submitted your order to your sales rep, the order cannot be reopened for editing.

Edit order quantities

You can edit an item’s order quantity in a number of places on the site:

  • The title detail page

  • The order detail page

  • Catalogue scroll views

  • Catalogue grid views

Once the edit is saved, the new quantity is automatically updated in the order.

Delete items from an order

To delete an item from an order, clear the order quantity box for the item, or replace the quantity with a 0.

If your order is for multiple locations and there are quantities for each one, clear the item’s quantities for each location to remove the title fully from the order.

Quick-add an ISBN

If you are on the order detail page and want to add a single ISBN directly to the order, enter the ISBN into the Quick Add box and click Go. This adds the ISBN to the top line of the order.

Add order notes

Use order line notes to enter free text related to the ordered item. Order line notes, unlike ISBN notes, are saved to the order rather than the ISBN itself. They are also included in the order’s PDF export.

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