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Current installed version:  BISAC 2020 2021 to Thema 1.4.25
BISAC 2020 2021 to Thema 1.4.2 5 mapping now installed.



The BISAC to Thema mapping was developed by the BISG Thema Working Group, a task force of the Subject Codes Committee. The version used in our translator tool maps BISAC 2017 (released Fall 2017) to Thema 1.3 (released Spring 2018).  The mapping is updated yearly, sometime around January or February, but unfortunately Thema major update happens in March or April and the mapping lags until the next winter.

The complete mapping is available as an Excel spreadsheet for free to all BISG members and alongside the purchase of a BISAC EULA for non-members. Contact BISG to obtain your copy.

Please note that this mapping is meant as a guide, and user discretion is needed. When the mapping is applied to an individual title, it is expected that users will confirm that the Thema code(s) indicated are the best match for the title.