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ONIX 3.0 is a new standard with improved data handling and accuracy.  All (useful) data stored to support ONIX 2.1 will have a place in ONIX 3.0 but it might not be presented identically.  The mapping from your data set to ONIX 2.1 should be different than your mapping to ONIX 3.0 in many (but not all) cases.

ONIX 2.1 only code lists and their 3.0 only equivalent


, including code lists that are withdrawn or redundant in ONIX 2.1

ONIX 2.1 only
Code List
ONIX 2.1 NameONIX 3.0 equivalent
2Reason for deletion code This code list was never defined and no codes were established for that purpose. The code list number was defined for a separate purpose in ONIX 3.0.Reason for deletion is a free text field in ONIX 3.0
Code List 2 is used for  the ONIX 3.0 only list "Product Composition"
6Barcode indicator

141 Barcode indicator
142 Position on product

7Product form150 Product form

Book form detail. Long deprecated and replaced in 2.1 by 78 Product Form Detail 

175 Product form detail 
10Epublication type code175 Product form detail 
11Epublication format code175 Product form detail 
20Conference role This list had no role codes defined for it in ONIX 2.1 and therefore was never used. In ONIX 3.0 Conference has been deprecated and and replaced by the Event composite. This unused list number has become a 3.0 only list. Now used for ONIX 3.0's Code List 20 as "Event role."
26Main subject scheme identifier code

ONIX 3.0 uses a single subject schema and identifies a
main subject using the <MainSubject/> reference tag
or <x425/> short tag

27 Subject scheme identifier

33Other text type code153 Text type
35Text link type codeno requirement in 3.0 – included as URL specific elements
38Image/audio/video file type code178 Supporting resource file format
39Image/audio/video file format code178 Supporting resource file format
40Image/audio/video file link codeno requirement in 3.0 – included as URL specific elements
47Rights region Long deprecated and replaced in 2.1 by 49 Region code49 Region Code
52Supply-to-region Long deprecated and replaced in 2.1 by 91 & 49 based "Supply-to-" elements in Supply Detail.

ONIX 3.0 uses the Territory composite within Market to define the equivalent area for the Supply Detail.

91 Country Code / 49 Region Code

54Availability code Used in ONIX 2.1 but long replaced by 65 Product availability which is designed to work with 64 Publishing Status.

65 Product availability
64 Publishing status 

56Audience restriction flag Seldom used in NAm 2.1 files where 59 Price type qualifier is common. 59 Price type qualifier
63Intermediary supplier availability No 2.1 use is possible as the code list was never developed.63 Intermediary availability code is deprecated in ONIX 3.0 and will be removed in a future release.
67Market date role163 Market date role code
75Person date role177 Person / organization date role
78Product Form Detail175 Product Form Detail
94Default linear unitno requirement in 3.0 – cannot provide default unit
95Default unit of weightno requirement in 3.0 – cannot provide default unit
101Person name identifier type44 Name code type All name identifier versions (sender, contributor, publisher, etc.) use List 44 in ONIX 3.0.
138Transliteration scheme code use to support transliteration attribute 121 Text script used for attribute textscript only
140Withdrawn CPSIA choking hazard warning code used in Product Form feature. Replaced in 2.1 and 3.0 by List 143143 US CPSIA hazard warning code