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For publishers, Canadian authorship identifiers present a valuable marketing tool. They offer another useful way to help librarians, booksellers, and dedicated bestseller lists to bring those books and their prospective audience together. These identifiers also add another lens through which SalesData and LibraryData can be dissected for trends and opportunities. Those Canadian bestseller lists you see in the newspaper? Canadian titles are identified using the Canadian contributor marker that we'll discuss more below.


    <!-- If the author has an ISNI assigned it would be here, note the 16 digit number is expressed without spaces -->

    <PersonName>Todd Nephew, Jr.</PersonName>
    <PersonNameInverted>Nephew, Todd</PersonNameInverted>


<!-- This designates the author was educated at the London School of Economics, United Kingdom, but not that he is a British author. -->
         <LocationName>London School of Economics</LocationName>

 <!-- This designates that the author currently resides in Yellowknife, NWT, Canada, but not that he is a Canadian author. -->

 <!-- This designates that the author flourished in Northern Canada.  Use more specific codes if they apply. "Flourished" is probably best reserved for dead authors and authors very strongly associated with a region -->
        <LocationName>Northern Canada</LocationName>